Auld Land on!

So Auld Land is a little game I made all the way back in 2013. I'm putting it up on itch in part to keep my games in the same place, but also so it'll be easier for me to get to when I feel like playing a quick round.

Some notes:

As you've no doubt already noticed, the UI is hideous, and the UX is no better. The game itself is extremely random and has a wacky difficulty curve, but it was made under some hefty constraints.

I used to think of making Auld Land 2 -- I even started it, as an action roguelike, but that project is unlikely to be completed. Now, looking back, I feel like maybe someday I could do a UI overhaul for the original Auld Land, leaving the actual game content mostly intact (though I could and maybe add nice battle animations or something). As for whether this will happen, only time will tell.

-- Nash

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