Transmutations Released!

It's here! This is the first release of Transmutations. (Okay, it was a week and a half ago.)

This game is something of a concept experiment--a puzzle game built around deciphering the behavior of 2D cellular automata (a totalistic automata, in this case). During development, we discussed a slew of ways this idea could be expanded or implemented into other games, but for now we're sticking with the basics.

At the moment, I don't have any major additions planned for Transmutations, so any updates for the time being will mostly be bug fixes & such.

I think I left the suggested donation at $1, but don't let that stop you! This isn't the museum where the guard'll raise eyebrows if you slip casually past the jar. Slip past that jar! Get yourself a free alchemy tile puzzle game! Give me a dollar someday when you win the big prize at your local Transmutations tournament.

As a final note -- play this game with a friend!


Windows - 64 Bit 9 MB
Apr 06, 2019
Windows - 32 Bit 8 MB
Apr 06, 2019
Mac OS 22 MB
Apr 06, 2019
Linux - 64 Bit 10 MB
Apr 06, 2019
Linux - 32 Bit 12 MB
Apr 06, 2019

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