Auld Land is a tiny roguelike made back in 2013 on the demo version of Construct 2.

Back then (and maybe still), the C2 demo restricted folks to 100 scripting events, so I challenged myself to make a roguelike with those limitations. The result is highly random, pretty scrappy, and could benefit from a complete UX overhaul (which it will probably never get); but I love it, and someday I hope to get to level 100 without dying.

How to Play


  • W,A,S,D or Arrows to move your player.
  • 1-5 to choose options/attacks/loot.
  • R to restart the game.

Trees, Hills, Mountains, Huts, and Castles can contain Units or Heroes, all of whom will try to fight you for some reason. You can choose to either fight or run. If you fight, you will choose which item to attack with. All items can attack.

(For a more detailed guide, visit the official webpage.)

Release date Jul 01, 2013
AuthorNash High
Made withConstruct

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