1.0.5 - New soundpack ref sheet, minor behavior adjustments, bugfixes

1.0.5 - New ref sheet PDF, minor updates, bugfixes

  • Added a reference PDF with information about each of the modules provided in the default sounds soundpack. This is an additional project file called Pebble Sounds Ref Sheet.
  • Binary operator modules (like the Math Operators and Level) no longer reset both of their input modules when they are reset. By default they will now only reset their lead input (assignable via the LEAD meta property), leaving the other module to be reset automatically during playback. In short, these operators will now run their input modules independently from one another, allowing for inputs of different lengths without one of them being interrupted when the other resets.
    • This behavior can be deactivated using a meta tag: RESET or RST. If this is set to BOTH, both modules will be reset, mirroring the behavior of versions 1.0.4 and earlier.
    • Affected operator modules:
      • Math Operators (Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Exponent, and Modulus)
      • Level
      • Pitch
      • Speed
      • Limit
    • Other binary operator modules (like Envelope and Attack) are not affected, as they already have more specific procedures for resetting their input modules.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Envelopes that contain Sequences to sometimes not stop properly.
  • Fixed a bug where SeqLines were not stopping their current instrument when they were reset.


pebble-linux.zip 35 MB
Version 1.0.5 Aug 10, 2021
pebble-osx.zip 58 MB
Version 1.0.5 Aug 10, 2021
pebble-windows.zip 28 MB
Version 1.0.5 Aug 10, 2021
Pebble Sounds Ref Sheet.pdf 38 kB
Aug 10, 2021

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Bug report: Clicking the Render button without any SNG defined will make the button Cancel permanently :)

Ooh, thanks for pointing that out! Ill get that fixed for the next update.