ZineArranger 1.0 is out!

It's finally here! This should cover the main features I've been wanting to have in this project:

  • Support for half size, quarter size, and eighth size (mini) zines
  • Portrait/Landscape orientation
  • Side/Top folding (for eighth & quarter size -- half size it depends on your portrait/landscape choice)
  • Single-sided & double-sided printing (for eighth & quarter size -- half size is always double-sided)
  • Custom paper sizes, with presets for US Letter & A4
  • Folding instructions page with a little graphic for each configuration!

Basically every configuration works a little bit differently as far as layout goes, so while I've done test prints of almost all of them, there might be some things I missed. If you run into problems of any sort, please let me know, and I'll see what I can do!


zine-arranger-main.zip Play in browser
Version 1.0.0 Aug 03, 2022

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